The Evolution of Shadow

Rescue of company personnel

The party is formed...

Kron, Dice, & Frank, this is fourth time you’ve been on a run together. None of you exactly like the others, but there are certainly less tolerable runners in Delta. Each of you have been in this runners’ crew for only a short while, and have been with the other noobs as cannon-fodder on the more high-risk runs. Fortunately, you’ve proven yourselves significantly better than the riff-raff and have survived several front-lines assignments.

This next job is not much different, but perhaps an impressive performance here will finally earn you some respect and clout in Delta.

The assignment is to capture some brute from a Saeder-Krupp facility and bring him back to the Ares facility that is supposedly his home. It’s gonna be one of the most large-scale, full-frontal assault runs the states have seen this decade. Make sure you’re locked and loaded. This is gonna be a fun one.


Chase_Brandstone Chase_Brandstone

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