The Evolution of Shadow

Rescue Success?

Kron, Dice, and Frank were left without direction in the aftermath of their most recent run. While the mission was technically a success, none of the team leaders nor the run-commander made it out of the assault alive. The trio managed to extract their new, enormous friend from Saeder-Krupp HQ but at the cost of 6 APCs, 4 Tanks, and 87 lives, not to mention the ultra-speed train and all of its cargo and passengers.

Despite the magnitude of the damage, Saeder-Krupp is hushing the story, and so there is very little media coverage. Even the train wreck is being blamed on a rebel group of independents who supposedly undermined the track’s integrity.

Our protagonistic trio managed to survive the disaster some 250 miles from Denver and sneak “Brute” (as they’ve taken to calling him) into a little called Eden, Wyoming. They didn’t have to stay there long as Dice was able to arrange for a helicopter to meet them there a few days later. The helicopter takes them as far as Idaho Falls where they decide to lay-low until they can figure out their next move.


Chase_Brandstone Chase_Brandstone

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