Bet on it!



Dice lives in forced indentured servitude at the Lucky Duck in Everett. Most would think that based on his vast experience with gambling that he would be skilled at games of chance. Don’t bet on it! Dice will run for any Johnson that pays, when he has spare time from his “commitments” with the Lucky Duck that is.

No runner can be trusted(everyone knows that!) but if you had to bet on one, Dice would be the “sure thing”.
Dice has a reputation of being good company and is known to keep a party lively with his jokes and his propensity to spot a few creds to anyone in need; he’s equally likelyto lose more than a few during a flurry of his good natured wagers.

Dice always prefers fighting at a distance rather than getting up close and personal, which is good given his wispy frame. His accuracy with a carbine are matched by none! Runners say that the only thing that isn’t a gamble with Dice is whether he’ll neutralize his target, you can Bet on it!


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