The "Who" in "Who's there?!"




Kron excels at stealth and espionage, possessing reflexes that border on precognitive. Smart, observant, and gifted with some talent in magic, he tries to constantly know his options so he can avoid entrapment. There’s something off about him, something difficult to pinpoint. It’s easy enough to attribute this to his unnatural voice, or the way animals react to his presence, but it’s something more than that; something beneath the surface.

Kron makes his way as a Shadowrunner, bringing is innate skills to bear against the corporations. While he’s able to function as a member of a team, he lacks the ability to relate to those around him, and this disparity is apparent to all. Nevertheless, he’s a capable runner, and has become part of a consistent team that is gradually building a name for itself.

Kron is an unattractive human, and most get a vibe that something is amiss with him. He has short, spikey, dark hair and pale flesh, and light gray irises that are nearly white. He’s short and lanky, standing roughly 5’ tall and weighing little more than 100 lbs. Kron frequently dresses in loose-fitting black clothing, but he avoids anything that might impede his mobility (like a trench coat), and he frequently wears sunglasses to hide his oddly-colored eyes. He constantly carries a few doses of his nasal inhaler to treat his allergies.


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